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A fantastic podcast which pairs psychology with pop culture . Not only the "artistic" movies and other pop culture deserve analysis. Tune in twice a week for a different take on your favorites!
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May 26, 2016
Episode 141 - X-Men Days of Future Past and Intolerance

In this episode, Dave takes a closer look at Intolerance, what it is, how it shows up, and what we can do about it!  He also invites Darryl of the Poprika Podcast to talk about X-Men: Days of Future Past to get ready for X-Men: Apocalypse this weekend!

May 23, 2016
Episode 140 - The Nice Guys, Alice Through The Looking Glass, USS Indianapolis, and X-Men: Apocalypse

In this episode, we review one of our most anticipated of the summer, The Nice Guys.  Can it possibly live up to expectations?  Can Gosling and Crowe carry an action comedy?  Find out!


Also, Britt joins us to talk about USS Indianapolis, Alice Through the Looking Glass, and X-Men: Apocalypse!

May 19, 2016
Episode 139 - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Confirmation Bias

In this episode, Dave discusses a common psychological construct and error, Confirmation Bias.  He is then joined by Margo D of the Book vs. Movie Podcast to talk about a movie that neither one of them had seen until recently!


To celebrate the release of The Nice Guys, the two watch Kiss Kiss Bang Bang!

May 16, 2016
Episode 138 - Money Monster, The Angry Birds Movie, Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising, and The Nice Guys

Dave and Mike take a closer look at an actual movie made for adults, no capes or cute cats in this one.  But can Money Monster, with the aid of 2 movie stars, make the cut? Listen in and find out.


Then, Britt joins us for the new and improved fangirl fixation to take a look at next week's new releases.  You will never guess what she is most excited about.

May 12, 2016

Changes are coming! Spend a few minutes and find out what they are!

May 12, 2016
Episode 137 - Syriana and Father Son Relationships

In this episode, Britt and Dave talk about Civil War and Syriana.  Perfect double feature right?  Dave also talks about Father Son Relationships briefly and how they can affect the lifecourse.  Finally, Chris Maynard from Following Films joins us to talk about Syriana and Clooney's latest, Money Monster!

May 9, 2016
Episode 136 - Captain America Civil War

I know, I know, you probably think you know what Mike and I thought about Civil War, but you're wrong! Check it out here!

May 5, 2016
Episode 135 - Captain America The Winter Soldier and Privacy

In this episode, just before Captain America: Civil War, we take a look back at one of the best that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has to offer!  To do this, we talk about Privacy and then bring in guest Natasha to talk about Captain America: The Winter Soldier!


Privacy: 0:02:20

Captain America: The Winter Soldier: 0:16:40

Apr 30, 2016
Episode 134 - Keanu

Can Key and Peele make the transition from hilarious sketch comedy to honest to goodness funny full length movie?  Dave and Mike break down the new release of Keanu! Take a Listen!

Apr 27, 2016
Episode 133 - Dope and Code-Switching

In this episode, Dave discusses a little-known (to most) psychological construct that just about anyone can relate to in code-switching.  Britt again joins us to talk about the movie, and only goes mildly on a tangent.  Finally, Berook from the Cinemabun Podcast joins us to talk about one of our favorites from last year! So, if you haven't yet, check out the movie and then come take a listen!


Fangirl Fixation: 0:01:20

Code Switching: 0:17:30

Dope: 0:28:20


Check us out at Following Films!

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Apr 23, 2016
Episode 132 - Elvis and Nixon

After a series of audio difficulties, the episode is finally out.  I hope you enjoy it!  And go see independent film, like Elvis and Nixon!

Apr 20, 2016
Episode 131 - Vertigo and Obsession


Well, folks the dream has come true.  Dave actually got paid to watch a great movie AND talk about it! In this episode, we talk about the Alfred Hitchcock classic, Vertigo.  First, Britt simultaneously talks about the movie and tries to end her marriage by daring to speak ill of Jimmy Stewart.  How dare she!?  Then, Dave talks briefly about obsession.  Finally, Dave enlists the help of two fantastic podcasters, Mike and Web, to talk about one of the greatest films ever made.  And stay until the end for lots of out of context outtakes!


Special thanks to Andrew of the AB Film Review for sponsoring this episode!


Fangirl Fixation: 0:02:01

Obsession: 0:16:27

Vertigo: 0:28:46

Apr 16, 2016
Episode 130 - The Jungle Book

Mike and I take on another critical darling (huh?) in the Jungle Book!

Apr 13, 2016
Episode 129 - Chef and Criticism

Join us as we get excited about director Jon Favreau's latest, The Jungle Book.  Britt joins us for Fangirl Fixation to talk mostly about food and breasts (yes, really).  Then, Dave talks about the psychology of criticism.  Finally, we are joined by Jairo to talk about one of his favorites, Chef!


Fangirl Fixation: 0:01:31

Criticism: 0:31:06

Chef: 0:44:57

Apr 9, 2016
Episode 128 - Demolition

Dave and Mike take on new release, Demolition.  Once again, Dave is harder on a movie than Mike! What is the world coming to?! Well, take a listen and then make your own decision on Demolition!

Apr 6, 2016
Episode 127 - Nightcrawler and Psychopathy

In this episode, Britt makes an appearance to discuss another one of Dave's "weird movies."  Additionally, she talks about the abusive relationship inherent in the movie.  Next, Dave talks about psychopathy, specifically how it changes with age, how it has been represented in movies. Finally, we are joined by Tangible Teddy to talk about our movie this week, Nightcrawler!


Fangirl Fixation: 0:01:18

Psychopathy: 0:17: 48

Nightcrawler: 0:34:14

Spoilers: 01:26:33

Apr 2, 2016
Episode 126 - Hello My Name is Doris

Check out our new release episode on the opposite end of the spectrum from last week!

Mar 30, 2016
Episode 125 - About A Boy and Maturity

In this episode, an ill and punchdrunk Britt returns for Fangirl Fixation to talk about About A Boy, Mad Max fanboys, and a bit about Maturity.  Speaking of maturity, Dave tells the audience the psychological definition of that.  Finally, Dwight from the Broken Brain Podcast joins us to talk about one of his favorite movies!


Fangirl Fixation: 0:01:28

Maturity: 0:18:30

About A Boy: 0:29:34

Spoilers: 01:09:20

Mar 26, 2016
Episode 124 - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

This week, Mike bows out of the conversation, so Dave invited Web Bist of It's Terrific to talk Man of Steel, twitter culture, and, of course, Batman v Superman.  Check it out!

Mar 23, 2016
Episode 123 - 300 and Duty

Welcome to our milestone episode! We made it to Episode 100! To celebrate this, we are watching Zack Snyder's best film by a mile, 300.  Britt stops by to tell us about the hell that is being on this show, before Dave attempts to not laugh when he talks about Duty.  Finally, Jamison from Real Films shows up to talk about the movie.


Featuring special appearances from It's Terrific, Coretemparts, InSession Film, the True Bromance Film Podcast, and War Machine vs. War Horse




Fangirl Fixation: 0:6:00

Duty: 0:26:18

300: 0:44:10

Spoilers: 0:01:25:08

Mar 16, 2016
Episode 122 - Looper and Potential

To celebrate the pseudo-release of Midnight Special, Dave decides to tackle a great recent science fiction flick, Looper.  But first, Britt joins us once again to talk about Looper, time travel, Star Wars and the MCU.  Then, Dave talks about potential in regards to psychology, and how we can measure it.  We close off the show with a new guest, Berook from the Cinemabun Podcast! We discuss Rian Johnson brilliance and then, of course, get really confused by time travel.  Listen up!


Fangirl Fixation: 0:01:30

Potential: 0:19:04


Spoilers: 01:21:56

Mar 12, 2016
Episode 121 - 10 Cloverfield Lane

Dave and Mike review 10 Cloverfield Lane.  Is it as good as all of the critics think?  Or is this a case of being fooled by another JJ Abrams Mystery Box?  Tune in to find out!


Spoilers: 0:14:41

Mar 9, 2016
Episode 120 - Cloverfield and the Hawthorne Effect

In this episode, Dave brings Britt back for more abuse on Fangirl Fixation, then he talks about a well-known subject in psychology, the Hawthorne Effect.  Finally, he brings on two guests he has been looking forward to having on, Andrew and Bernadette from the AB Film Review.  They talk about all manner of subjects including Andrew's love of bad Tom Cruise movies, Bernadette's fear of cameras, oh and Cloverfield.  They also touch on the new release 10 Cloverfield Lane.


Fangirl Fixation: 0:01:18

Hawthorne Effect: 0:15:20

Cloverfield: 0:25:25

Spoilers: 01:12:48

Mar 5, 2016

In this episode, Mike and Dave share their love of Casey Affleck and their disappointment with one part of pretty solid ensemble action flick, Triple 9!


Spoilers: 0:25:20

Mar 2, 2016
Episode 118 - The Town and Parental Imprisonment

In this episode, we are sadly sans Britt and Fangirl Fixation.  However, we still have a really interesting episode where we talk about the effects of parental imprisonment (spoiler: it's not good).  To help me discuss that, along with the movie The Town, Dave brings in J.D. from InSession Film!


Parental Imprisonment: 0:01:35

The Town:0:14:38

Spoilers: 0:48:52

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